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2019 Destination Deep Space

Nickname: Geoff

Geoff is the Cavineer's most recent robot. Geoff (gee-off), is designed with a grabber made of shape-optimized polycarbonate and holds both cargo and hatches with a pneumatic claw so that the robot performs exceptionally well without losing any style points. Geoff has a West Coast drivetrain, with a drop-center and Omni wheels in the back to assist with pivoting. Shifting gearboxes allow Geoff to play a mean defense. The elevator is a step-up from its sibling, Fahrenheit, allowing for the grabber to flip back and forth through the middle. Geoff's elevator is also capable of lifting both hatches and cargo to all levels of the rocket. Winning Chairman's and playing in the finals at the Oxon Hill district event, Geoff was a force to be reckoned with. Geoff won the Chesapeake District Championship and made it to the semi-finals of the Daly field at the World Championships.